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Education activities review: March – April 2

April 2, 2010

KBRR Exhibits

Our exhibit project is rolling, and the hallway fabrication is underway at Dixon Studios in Tucson, Arizona. There are many details being considered – exact species models, matching colors with existing visitor center surfaces, lighting of the tide column gauge, etc. Last week Catie flew down to Tucson to inspect the exhibit land forms and sculptures first-hand, to be sure they are looking as they should.  This week Catie communicated that progress to the review committee and got approvals so that fabrication work can continue uninterrupted. Installation of exhibit pieces is still set for this spring, and we are planning on having a grand opening (maybe in early August) to coincide with other community events about tides.

Meetings & conferences

Jessica and Steve attended the Annual NERR Education & Stewardship Coordinators Sector Meeting at Grand Bay NERR in Mississippi March 8 – 11. Jessica gave a presentation on KBRR’s Kids in Nature activities and the growth of the No Child Left Inside movement nationwide. NERRS education plans include a system-wide market analysis and needs assessment initiative, with 15 reserves (including KBRR) slated to receive funding this coming July for conducting regional assessments. Following this assessment process, Reserves stand a good chance of receiving new funding to implement teacher workshops under the NERRS K-12 Estuarine Education Program (KEEP), an outreach program aimed at providing teachers with skills and knowledge related to estuarine and near shore science.
Stormy and Jessica were in Seward for an Invasive Species Workshop March 2nd and 3rd. The workshop was organized with the intent of bringing together agency and non-profit representatives from Alaska and included speakers from Washington, Hawaii, California, and British Columbia. Presentations and discussions culminated in a list of goals and priorities for monitoring and responding to marine species invasions, as well as developing recommendations for invasive species monitoring, research, and outreach to policy makers and resource managers.

Staff trainings

Jessica and Carmen attended a Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) / Beyond BOW training provided by Soldotna fisheries biologist and educator Patti Berkhahn today. They will be planning a KBRR-sponsored Becoming an Outdoor Family event over the next year for sometime in 2011.

Special projects – Kids in Nature

Last month Carmen worked with local preschool teachers to launch the world’s first IditaNature programs. About 70 kids (preschoolers and their siblings) from three Homer preschools – Homer Head Start, Raspberry Lane Waldorf Preschool, and Kachemak Kids – met the challenge of spending at least the same amount of minutes outdoors as the mileage of the Iditarod Great Sled Race (1,150 minutes/miles). In fact, most of the Raspberry Lane kids rose to an even greater challenge…spending twice that time outside! These outdoor play ambassadors were rewarded with not just lots of fun and fresh air, but prizes offered by their teachers and community supporters that included dogsled rides with Jason and Kelly at Kachemak Kennels, fishing rods, and a picnic at the Pratt Museum.

Upcoming events

Jessica and Carmen will be joining staff from ADF&G Homer’s office tomorrow (Saturday, April 3) at the 21st Annual Youth Fishing Fair. This event happens from 10am – 2pm at Homer Middle School. This is a hands-on opportunity for kids to learn about fish and fishing through activities that include t-shirt fish printing; fly tying; salmon ID, anatomy, & life cycle; how to ice fish; boating safety; and a casting contest. The casting contest begins at 2 pm with prizes for the top 3 places in each age group. There are also door prizes. If you have children, come join the fun!

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  1. Amy permalink
    April 6, 2010 8:06 am

    There are two sample pieces that the fabrication company sent to the Research Reserve, a piece of the piling (barnacles included) and a chunk of glacier ice. If you are in town, feel free to stop by and check it out!

    During our next Community Council meeting on Wednesday, May 26th, there is a likely chance that the exhibits will be being installed. Stay tuned!

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