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Education activities review for April 19 – 23

April 23, 2010

Marine science education programs

This week we taught 2 Microscope Labs for 32 fourth and fifth grade students from Homer and Nikiski. The students observed live plankton, insects they’d collected, sand, crab adults and larvae, chunks of moss (and their mite inhabitants), and completed worksheets matching each of Alaska’s 5 Pacific salmon species with their oceanic diet (microscopic plankton and plankton-eating forage fish).

Public education programs

The Reserve’s Kids in Nature programming included an Earth Day event this week – 19 adults and 8 children joined Carmen and Jessica for an Earth Day Family Bird Walk along Beluga Slough yesterday. This group found 12 bird species, including 4 Sandhill Cranes. Most families borrowed binoculars from us, and 6 of the individuals/families went home with a great drawing prize – a Bird Songs of Alaska CD set.

Education program outreach

We participated in the annual Paul Banks Summer Activity Fair on Monday evening, providing flyers and information on our summer happenings for families – Discovery Labs, Estuary Hikes, May 21st Mud Games (more on that soon), Homer Kids Outdoor Day, and ADF&G’s Youth Fishing Days at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon (June 5th, August 7th with the Mobile Aquatic Classroom or ‘Fishmobile’ onsite, and August 21st). At least 100 families attended this collaborative 2-hour event.

Education collaborations

Carmen was an invited speaker at Monday’s Pratt Museum Climate Change Roundtable, along with ecologists Ed Berg and Sue Mauger and conservationist Dan Thorington. Carmen’s presentation – Communicating Climate Change: Successes and Challenges – and the other 3 talks sparked lots of ideas and conversations about what role the Pratt might play in outreaching climate change topics/issues and how the museum might design their climate change-related exhibits and educational programs during Phase 2 of their Master Plan.

Carmen continued to participate this week via teleconference as a Children & Nature Network Advisor for the C&NN Natural Families Network initiative. This group has met bi-weekly for the past 6 weeks. The Natural Families Network will soon have its own landing page on the C&NN website with inspirational stories, tips for parents on how to get their kids outdoors, and easy-to-navigate paths to Nature Rocks and Nature Clubs for Families resources and maps, plus a monthly e-newsletter to those interested in the Natural Family Network.

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