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Education activities review: July 12 – 17

July 18, 2010

Summer public education

This week’s Watersheds: Where We Live Discovery Labs (3) were pretty quiet due in large part to the sunny, warm weather – 145 visitors explored the watery world above Kachemak Bay in our lab classroom. People especially enjoyed seeing where the Kachemak Bay watershed boundaries were, watching live leeches, caddisflies, and dragonfly nymphs, and learning about the Reserve’s research projects and scientists.

A special thanks goes to Jenny and Genevieve from the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, who developed and hosted a station on the importance of keeping watersheds healthy. Please join us for next week’s Discovery Labs – Marine Mammals of Alaska!

Fifteen visitors enjoyed this week’s Estuary Hikes with Charlayna, Jessica, and Carmen.

A special Tuesday Beach Walk at Bishops Beach was led by Megan Murphy for a large crowd of 30 people. Friday’s Beach Walk was attended by 7 visitors from Germany, Kansas, New York, and Florida.

Special projects

Carmen has been invited and will again attend Richard Louv’s and the Children & Nature Network’s annual Grassroots Gathering. This year’s 3-day conference, drawing leaders in the movement to reconnect children with the outdoors from around the country, will be held next month in Princeton, New Jersey. Carmen will be sharing Kids in Nature initiatives that include the Kids in Nature Workshop Toolkit, Mud Games at The Wallow, and IditaNature. Carmen is a member of C&NN’s Leadership Team for both the Natural Teacher Network and Natural Family Network and has participated in the past two Grassroots Gatherings.

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