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Education activities review: August 9-14

August 16, 2010

Summer public education

This week’s Salt Marshes: Our Salmon Nurseries Discovery Labs (3) were attended by 197 visitors. People enjoyed learning about the web of life in local salt marshes through a Become a Salt Marsh Researcher booklet & activities, plus fascinating specimens of salt marsh plants and animals (bear hide, bird mounts, plankton, live dragonflies and more). These were the last of our summer Discovery Labs. Our next public lab will be a Citizen Science Monitoring Discovery Lab on Wednesday, September 1st from 3 – 5 pm.

17 visitors enjoyed this week’s Estuary Hikes with Jessica.

22 visitors joined Catie for a Beach Walk on Friday.

Special projects

This week Carmen attended Richard Louv’s and the Children & Nature Network’s 4th Grassroots Gathering in Princeton, New Jersey with funding from ADF&G’s Wildlife Division. This was her 3rd year being invited to this gathering of leaders in the movement to reconnect children with the outdoors, and like last year she was the only representative from Alaska attending. She shared with the 100+ participants the Reserve’s Kids in Nature Parent/Caregiver Workshop Toolkit (which everyone was very excited to learn about), plus information on how to create a mud play space (aka The Wallow) in their communities and participate in the 2011 IditaNature challenge. Carmen has actively participated in C&NN’s Natural Teacher Network and Natural Families Network Grassroots Leadership Teams over the past year and will continue to do this. She brought back lots of great program and partnering ideas for connecting children and families to nature and will be sharing these with KBRR & ADF&G staff, as well as community/statewide partners and community coalition members in the coming weeks and months.

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