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Education activities review: September 6 – 10

September 10, 2010

Community monitoring

This week two school groups participated in the ongoing Community Monitoring Program for European Green Crab. One 4th grade class from West Homer Elementary and one 6th grade class from McNeil Canyon Elementary were given a presentation by Catie – in her new role as Community Monitoring Coordinator – on invasive species and specific information on the European Green Crab. The day following the in-class presentations, students visited Mud Bay and the Pier 1 beach to check crab pots. Data sheets were successfully filled out; fish, sea stars and crabs were set free; and mud was cleaned off students as they piled back into the chaperone cars. In total 40 students, 11 adults, and 0 European Green Crab participated this week.

KBRR outreach

Reserve education staff were busy this week working on KBRR website update assignments. Our education pages on the website will be much improved come October!

We also spent time outreaching upcoming events (National Estuaries Day and Discovery Labs).

Pre-K to 12th education

We have 28 EE programs scheduled between now and the end of November, with the first one of the school year happening next Thursday, September 16th. This week teachers who will be bringing classes to us for Discovery Lab programs this month were sent pre-visit information to use with students in their classrooms.

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