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Education activities review for October 11 – 22

October 23, 2010

Pre-K to 12th education

We’ve been very busy over the past 2 weeks providing Marine Mammals of Alaska Discovery Labs for students of all ages. This month we’ve taught 166 kids – 11 kindergarten, 18 first grade, 63 third grade, and 73 sixth grade students -about the fascinating world of marine mammals.

A big thank you goes out to volunteer educator Martha Briscoe and Pratt Museum Director of Education Ryjil Christianson, who helped us by teaching students in the labs this month!

Public education programs

Last Friday we partnered through our Coastal Training Program (CTP) with the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust to host a presentation by Kenai National Wildlife biologist John Morton – Maintaining Landscape Connectivity on a Rapidly Changing Kenai Peninsula. 36 people attended this fascinating presentation, which included maps representing changes in the Kenai Peninsula landscape over the past 60 yrs and future projections for effects from climate change. John’s entire presentation is now available for download on our website.

Last night, 29 Homer residents joined Angie for My Life with Sea Otters, a wonderful evening of science and storytelling. After sharing her interesting career path to becoming one of the nation’s top sea otter biologists, Angie expertly answered questions and shared experiences with an engaged audience. We received very positive feedback from attendees about using storytelling as a way to convey science and research and in particular about how much they enjoyed Angie’s presentation and style.

This afternoon 28 people joined Alaska Maritime NWR Deputy Manager Marc Webber for Blubberslugs & Pit Bulls: Seals of the World, a fascinating brown bag presentation tied to the Reserve’s month-long focus on marine mammals. Marc shared wonderful images and insights into seals found from the tropics to the polar regions, including those in Alaska’s waters.

We have added one more public Discovery Lab to our fall/winter schedule:

What’s New in the Bay Discovery Lab
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
3:00 – 5:00 pm

Conferences & workshops

Terry, Angie, and Jessica attended the National Estuarine Research Reserve System annual conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia last week and came back infused with fresh ideas for best management practices, research collaborations, and marine education delivery. Climate change was a key topic at the conference, and KBRR was held up as an example of progressive thinking on that front throughout the meeting.

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