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Tsunami Update from West Coast NERRS

March 11, 2011

E-mail update from Laurie McGilvary on the west coast Reserves:

Dear Reserve Colleagues and Friends –

With the tragic tsunami in Japan last night and the potential threat to the West Coast, you might be wondering how the NERRS are doing. 

Everyone has checked in and here’s an update.

Kachemak Bay Reserve, AK – Everything is fine in Alaska. The tsunami came into Kachemak Bay at about 5:10am, and while it came right on a 16.5 high the actual wave height was less than 1 ft.

Padilla Bay Reserve, WA – Everything is ok.

South Slough Reserve, OR – Tsunami came through about 7:15 am PST.  Matt Chasse, ERD and18 other people who were attending the NERRS Coastal Training Program Coordinators meeting in Charleston, OR evacuated to higher ground.  The tsunami passed without damage.  Flights are a mess at the North Bend/Coos Bay Airport and folks are exhausted, but everyone is fine.

San Francisco Reserve, CA – The Romberg Tiburon Center of San Francisco State University, where the SF NERR offices are located on the Bay, officially lifted the restrictions on closing the most vulnerable buildings to occupancy at 9:00 am PST.  All NERR staff are away from RTC today; No reports yet from China Camp and Rush Ranch reserve components.  San Francisco is a certified tsunami-ready city; they passed the predicted 8:30 am PST arrival time without the warning signals sounding.

Elkhorn Slough Reserve, CA – Initial advice to Elkhorn Reserve was to evacuate, but latest is that they are ok. Expected flooding so kept the Reserve closed until high water passed.

Tijuana River Reserve, CA – They were under a Tsunami advisory.  It reach them around 8:30 am PST. They expected only 2′ to 3′ swell which was on top of only about a 2′ tide level.

Best to all affected by the tsunami –

 Laurie and NOAA – Estuarine Reserve Division (ERD)

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