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“Grass fed” Salmon Paper

January 25, 2012

Kachemak Bay Research Reserve Watershed Specialist, Coowe Walker, along with partners from Baylor University and Smithsonian Environmental Research Center have a newly published paper from their work on juvenile salmon in headwater streams on the lower Kenai. There is some really interesting information including the discovery that bluejoint grass, which is ubiquitous alongside the headwater streams of this region, is the base of the juvenile salmon food web – therein the name grass-fed salmon paper (contact Coowe Walker at 907-226-4651 or for further details or a copy of the full publication). 

This is actually the first of 4 papers that will be generated from this work.  Appearing in the near future will be articles on headwater stream chemistry (published in the journal Wetlands); and on macroinvertebrate and fish communities, (published in the journal Freshwater Science- formerly known as the Journal of the North American Benthological Society). The 4th publication will be on wetland vegetation associated with our headwater streams (to be published in Wetlands).

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