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Education activities review: February 27 – March 1

March 1, 2012

Education collaborations

If anyone would like to see all that KBEEA members discussed last week (or in years past) at our semi-annual meeting, you can view the online meeting notes.

Staff training

Catie and Jess took advantage of this week’s CTP-sponsored NOAA Coastal Services Center trainings at Islands & Ocean. Jess participated in 2 days of Planning for Meaningful Evaluation, while Catie participated in the first day of Facilitation and Collaborative Training.

K-12 Coastal science education

The Tsunami Bowl, Alaska’s National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) competition for high school students, starts tomorrow in Seward. Carmen has been helping Homer’s 2 NOSB teams as a subject expert – providing mini-lessons on marine invertebrates, plankton, and marine mammals – this winter and will be volunteering this weekend as a member of the Sarcastic Fringeheads (the name of a fish species) officials team for the competition’s quiz bowl. Twenty-one student teams from around the state will be competing for the 1st place prize of a 1-year UAF tuition waiver, $250 scholarship, free trip to the national NOSB competition in Maryland, and everlasting fame. To see what our local NOSB kids will be doing in Seward, visit the Alaska Tsunami Ocean Sciences Bowl website.

Community monitoring

We thought you might like an update on invasive crab monitoring…last year’s European Green Crab (EGC) community monitors found no invasive crabs; their most commonly caught bycatch species (in traps) were helmet crab (Telmessus cheiragonus). Unfortunately, in 2011 EGC were found 100 miles further north up the West Coast in Gale Passage, BC. This is only 200 miles from the Alaskan border, and the Gulf of Alaska’s major coastal current moves along the shore to the north of this location, transporting young planktonic crab larvae. We will continue to monitor for EGC in 2012. The 2011 EGC monitoring report for the Alaska Invasive Species Working Group is available in pdf format. To learn more about the Alaska Invasive Species Working Group, in which we are a partner for invasive monitoring, visit the linked website.

Upcoming public events

The following free, public events are happening in March and early April:

  • Communication Workshop: Making Your Science Matter
    Thu, March 8, 1:00 – 5:00 pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Auditorium
    This COMPASS communications workshop led by Nancy Baron, author of Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter, is designed to help you become a more effective and comfortable communicator. Sign up for this free workshop with Megan Murphy by March 1st.

    KBay Science Conference keynote presentation by Nancy Baron: Agents of Change: True Tales from Those Who Dared
    Thu, March 8th, 6:00 – 8:30pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Auditorium
    Public confusion over Climategate, the Gulf Oil spill, and other events reveal the need for society to be better informed by science. Part of the solution is for scientists to speak up, delivering a clearer message to policy makers, the public, and the media. Yet, some scientists raise important questions: Is this part of a scientist’s job? Are the risks worth the rewards? And how does one do this effectively?
    Reception and book signing from 6-7pm. Presentation will begin at 7pm.

    Communicating Ocean Science Workshop
    Fri, March 9th, 9:00am – 12:00pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center
    This is a Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) workshop for scientists, educators, and anyone involved in science communication. Learn strategies for communicating science to students and nonscientific audiences, gain experience with storytelling techniques, and find out collaborative strategies for designing great classroom activities and field trips. Register for this workshop online.

    Kachemak Bay Science Conference 1st Session: Observing the Kachemak Bay Ecosystem
    Fri, March 9th, 1:00 – 5:00pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Seminar Room
    Register for the conference (free) and see the schedule of speakers at the Kachemak Bay Science Conference website.

    Keynote presentation by Anne Salomon & Nick Tanape: Human-Ocean Ecosystems: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature
    Fri, March 10th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Auditorium
    A pressing need exists to advance our understanding of how humans alter, benefit from and adapt to the changing productivity, biodiversity and resilience of coastal ocean ecosystems. This requires interdisciplinary efforts that integrate knowledge systems across space and time. As evidence, Anne will draw on key features and commonalities from three case studies: shellfish declines on the Kenai peninsula, Pacific herring fluctuations along British Columbia`s Central Coast, and ancient clam gardens in the Pacific Northwest.
    Poster session, reception, and book signing (Imam Cimiucia: Our Changing Sea) from 6-7pm. Presentation will begin at 7pm.

    Kachemak Bay Science Conference 2nd & 3rd Sessions:
    Managing and Sustaining the Kachemak Bay Ecosystem
    Sat , March 10th, 9:00-5:00pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Seminar Room
    Register for the conference (free) and see the schedule of speakers at the Kachemak Bay Science Conference website.

    Family Farm Day
    Sun, March 11th, 12:00 – 2:00pm
    At Seaside Farm in Homer
    Mossy Kilcher and Nature Rocks Homer invite families to spend an afternoon on Seaside Farm. Children will see and feed Mossy’s 5 young calves, pet a horse, feed the chickens, and sit on a tractor. Take East End Road to Mile 5 and turn south on Seaside Farm Rd (going downhill on the ocean side of East End Rd), driving to the bottom of the drive. Dress warmly. All are welcome. Free.

    Ice Fishing Getaway
    Wed, March 14th, 8:30am
    Meet at Islands & Ocean
    Pre-register for this Spring Break in the Islands event at the Islands & Ocean information desk for this day trip to ice fish on a local lake. Limit: 15 people. Best for ages 8+.

    KBRR Community Council Meeting
    Wed, March 21st, 12:00 – 3:00pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Seminar Room
    Open to the public. Agenda & supporting resources will be posted here closer to the meeting.

    Our Landscape Over Time Discovery Lab
    Wed, April 4th; 3:00 – 5:00pm
    AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center Lab Classroom
    Learn how long-term changes within and around the earth create short-term effects in Alaska like tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, sea level rise and more at this fun, free, hands-on lab for all ages. Brown bag presentations relating to these lab topics will be offered during the 1st week of April also.

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