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Education activities review: April 30 – May 4

May 6, 2012

Sport fish education & outreach

Catie is putting the final touches on a 1-page (2-sided) field guide to 12 species of sculpin commonly found in Cook Inlet. While this guide will not be for sale, it will soon(check back in a month or so) be on the ADF&G/KBRR website in PDF format for download.

Pre-K – 12th grade coastal science education

Catie, Carmen and volunteer Katie Gavenus provided a Habitat Mapping & Oil Spill Response Discovery Lab to 59 K – 12th grade students at Nanwalek School in Nanwalek on Monday. Photos from our day in Nanwalek are shown here in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Carmen, Jess and volunteer Carole Demers provided Growing Naturalist Discovery Labs for 71 kindergarten – 5th grade students from Homer and Kachemak Selo. Students hunted for, observed, and identified bugs; examined live zooplankton; discovered live aquatic insects in trays of muck from Beluga Lake; learned about salmon anatomy and diets; participated in a hands-on mini-crab lab; and more during this week’s programs.

Carmen led an Estuary Ecology Hike for 16 McNeil Canyon Elementary 1st/2nd grade students this week, and Jess led Estuary Ecology Hikes for 34 seventh graders from North Pole Middle School. Geese, ducks, cranes, spiders, and sticklebacks – combined with marsh mud and sprouting plants – made for fascinating programs with these students.

Public events

This week’s public Discovery Lab – Growing Naturalists – drew an interested crowd of 90 people of all ages, some of whom stayed for nearly the entire 2-hour lab. Visitors learned about salmon, bats, bugs, plankton, crabs, marsh plants, birds, and more with lots hands-on and inquiry-based activities. We had several new natural treasures added to the Nature Trading Post; and several left our lab in the hands of excited youngsters who’d earned enough points to trade up for a much-wanted object!

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