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Cook Inlet Circulation Study

June 14, 2012

Below is an update Kris Holdried, Director of NOAA Kasitsna Bay Lab and KBRR Community Council agency member.

This week the NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (also known as our “tides and currents” office) is deploying 10 current meters in Cook Inlet to collect data on currents.  The NOAA staff have come from NOAA offices in Maryland and Seattle for this deployment.  The current meters will be in place for 2 months and will be recovered in August.  The current meter deployments are part of a partnership project between NOAA and the Alaska Energy Authority to quantify the tidal energy potential in Cook Inlet.  This partnership was started by the renewable energy proposal to AEA developed by the City of Homer, COOPS, Kasitsna Bay Lab, Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, and private industry – so thanks to all of you that helped put that proposal together several times!!  

NOAA is creating an ocean circulation model for Cook Inlet/Kachemak Bay to do the tidal energy assessment and collecting data to validate the model.  The NOAA Office of Coast Survey in Silver Spring, Maryland is developing the ocean circulation model.  Data collected includes currents (this project), temperature and salinity (includes our Kasitsna Bay Lab and KBRR  oceanographic surveys) and water levels (NOAA tide gauges).   A final report on all results will be delivered to the Alaska Energy Authority. 

Click here for a fact sheet created for the project.

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