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September 26th ACCAP webinar

September 22, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012; 10-11am Alaska Local Time
Rebecca Aicher, Science and Technology Policy Fellow for the American Association for the Advancement of Science hosted by the U.S. EPA; and Jason Todd & Joe Ebersole, Office of Research and Development, U.S. EPA

Scientific research has shown that climate change has already caused detectable changes to ecosystems throughout Alaska. As warming is predicted to continue, it is likely to lead to changes in marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems and impact salmon populations in Bristol Bay, Alaska. In order to better predict how salmon will respond to climate change in both freshwater and marine ecosystems, it is crucial to evaluate the current knowledge of how the salmon and ecosystem are responding and identify key gaps in knowledge. This webinar will describe a conceptual model that is used to synthesize results from over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles to describe current trends in salmon populations, responses to climate change, predicted responses to climate change, and research needs in Alaska.

How to Participate / Log-In to the Alaska Climate Webinar:
The audio portion of the call is through a free phone line, while the presentation is viewed through your computer. We do not offer sound through the computer at this time.
To hear the audio presentation during a webinar:
1) With a regular telephone dial: 1- (877) 594-8353
2) When prompted, enter the Participant passcode: 83847342
PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE DURING THE PRESENTATION and DO NOT put us on hold. The audio is very sensitive and your external conversations, typing, and hold music can be heard by other participants. Thank You.
To view the presentation during a webinar:
1) Point your web browser to:
2) Enter Participant Code: 83847342.
3) Enter the rest of the requested information (The name and organization you enter will be seen by other participants, but your contact information will remain confidential)
4) Click the blue “log-in” button For support during a call, press *0 on your phone and a conferencing coordinator will assist you.

This software will work for both Mac and PC users. You may be prompted to turn off Pop-Up Blockers. In most cases you can right click on the pop-up blocker and click on the “Allow pop-up blocker” message. For best results, please connect to the internet with Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer. Chrome users may occasionally experience instability.

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