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Education activities review: October 15-November 2

November 3, 2012

Community monitoring program

Catie has been collaborating recently with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), finishing up a field guide to Alaskan tunicates. This reference’s title–Some Common Fouling Invertebrates of Alaska–reflects the fact that other fouling and invasive organisms are also included in the guide. This is a much-needed resource because of the threat that invasive tunicates pose; it is very important to become familiar with our native tunicates.

Efforts to make this guide available on the Web were rewarded by Catie being able to outreach this product during the annual Alaskan Invasive Species Conference in Kodiak, which she attended this week. During the conference, Catie also helped a colleague conduct a plate monitoring field trip in the Kodiak Harbor for conference participants from around the state.

To download Some Common Fouling Invertebrates of Alaska in .pdf form, click on the title. If you have questions about this guide, please contact Catie. This is a living document, and she will be making edits as necessary in coming months.

A KBRR tunicate monitoring settling plate from the Homer Harbor, with attached tunicates, hydroids, and anemones (Catie Bursch / KBRR)

Education funding

This week we learned that we have received grant funding from BP Alaska for a tabletop watershed model to be constructed for use in our education programming. This unique model will be installed at one of the lab classroom stations sometime in early to mid-2013. You’ll all be the first to know when it’s completed and ready for viewing!

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