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May 21, 2013

We are pleased to say that the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve and the University of Alaska, Institute of Marine Science, are continuing to study water movements in Kachemak Bay with surface and deep drifter buoys this season.  What happened with the drifters last year, you ask?  For each buoy, we plotted the movements and wrote an end of year summary.  With last year’s data, we are doing some animated visualizations of the drifters and a conceptual circulation model with the data that will be completed by mid summer.

Here is what’s going on now…


In April and mid May, we deployed two surface and two deep drifters. This map shows what has happened in the last 48 hours that they have been drifting; 1 and 3 are surface drifters and 2 & 4 are deep drifters.

We extend special thanks to the Hans Petersen and Dom Hondolero with the Kasitsna Bay Lab who assisted with retrieving and re-deploying one of the surface drifters, to Ted and Dave on the Pandalus and Dave Weber for releasing and re-deploying one of the deep drifters, and to Dave Seaman who helped get us started with our first deployments of the season!  We will be deploying pairs of drifters throughout the season.  Below are surface images of the drifters (surface on the left and deep on the right).

2 3

For more information or for a copy of the 2012 report please contact Angela Doroff (907) 226-4654.

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