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Kachemak Current: Update on the Drifters

June 6, 2013

Here is a short update on the Kachemak Bay Drifter project for the month of May and early June 2013.  To date, we have three deep drifters in the Bay (see #’s 1,2, & 3 on the below map).  The deep drifters are registering how deeper water layers move over time in the Bay.  Drifter #1 and #2 have moved very little in Seldovia Bay and Halibut Cove since the last update.  Deep drifter # 3 has been released and redeployed twice this spring and is now stuck for a third time on the north side of the outer Bay. We’ll release and redeploy it as soon as possible!

The surface drifters have been a bit more dynamic!  After a tour of the inner Bay, drifter #7 (not pictured) beached and stopped transmitting.  We were very fortunate that Craig and Corrie Whitmore retrieved and returned the buoy to us for refurbishing.  We are also thankful to Michael Opheim who has been monitoring a deep and surface drifter since last month.  We had an unexpected result with the surface drifter, however; it stopped transmitting shortly after he deployed it.  The drifter began reporting again from the center of the outer Bay for a few days, it then was next located in the hills above Homer!  We are still sorting that one out.

And last but not least, drifter #6 on the map has been doing a great job of circulating in the outer Bay suddenly caught the currents out to Anchor Point and is now in lower Cook Inlet.  Thus far, it has been one of our most informative buoys.  We will be deploying two more buoys this week in the center of the inner Bay (showing up as #4 in our Bay Avenue warehouse on the map at the moment!).

If you know of anyone traveling in the middle of lower Cook Inlet who may be interested in picking up the surface drifter out there, please contact Angie at 226-4654!  If we can get it back, we will put a new battery in and let it go again to collect more data.

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