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Fox River Flats juvenile salmon study final report

October 4, 2013

Greetings! The Kachemak Bay Research Reserve is pleased to announce the release of the final study report from the Fox River Flats juvenile salmon project. This report is a culmination of nearly four years of close investigation in a glacial-fed estuarine system. The information gained contributes greatly to the understanding and protection of juvenile salmon in these habitats. Congratulations to the entire research team for a job well-done!


Below is a message from Coowe Walker, KBRR’s lead investigator for the project:

Between 2009-2012, we conducted research on juvenile salmon in the Fox River estuary at the head of Kachemak Bay.  Our work is the first and only  study of juvenile fish in the estuary, and through the years we learned that while some juvenile salmon are transitioning through the estuary on their way to the ocean, others are staying , and using the habitats of the estuary to rear for long periods. We investigated which habitats they prefer, what they are eating, where their food comes from,  and how much they are growing in these habitats. Click here to view the report, which is a synthesis of our work.

There are two appendices available with the report as well. Please contact me directly ( If you would like these. Thank you so much for your interest.




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