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KBRR announces journal publications: juvenile salmonids and marine-derived nutrients

October 28, 2013

Below is an announcement from KBRR Watershed Specialist, Coowe Walker, about several recent journal publications about juvenile salmonids and marine-derived nutrients.

Glacial-fed estuary habitat for juvenile salmon

I’m happy to be able to forward to you the first two in a series of papers to come from our Fox River research.  These papers were led by Tammy Hoem-Neher, who was a PhD doctoral candidate at UAF, and Graduate Research Fellow with KBRR.  She is now the newly minted Dr. Hoem-Neher, working with NOAA affiliates in Homer, AK.   Her research was part of our studies in the Fox River estuary at the head of Kachemak Bay. Tammy has also led  other manuscripts, which are in the publication process and should be out soon.  Congratulations on all accounts Tammy! Reference for these papers are below. To obtain a pdf version please contact Coowe Walker (

  • Hoem Neher TD, Rosenberger AE, Zimmerman CE, Walker CM, Baird SJ (2013) Estuarine Environments as Rearing Habitats for Juvenile Coho Salmon in Contrasting South-Central Alaska Watersheds. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 142:6, 1481-1494
  • Hoem Neher TD, Rosenberger AE, Zimmerman CE, Walker CM, Baird SJ (2013) Use of Glacial River-fed Estuary Channels by Juvenile Coho Salmon: Transitional or Rearing Habitats? Environmental Biology of Fishes.

Seasonal persistence of marine-derived nutrients

A new paper on the long-lasting ecological effects of marine-derived nutrients from returning adult salmon in our watersheds. This paper comes out of research at KBRR conducted between 2004-2006, with PhD student Dan Rinella. In this paper, you’ll  learn how nutrients delivered through the carcasses of spawned out salmon sustain our stream ecosystems through the winter, and beyond. Dan, now Dr. Rinella, works as a researcher with the University of Alaska, Anchorage Environment and Natural Resources Institute.  KBRR’s collaboration with him has continued beyond his graduate studies- he is one of the lead collaborating investigators on our juvenile coho overwintering habitats project. Click here for a pdf version of this paper.

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