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Are you finding this site hard to read because the text is so small? If you hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and hit the plus (+) key repeatedly, it will get larger. You can toggle back down again by using the Ctrl and minus (-) key combination.

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Our events calendar is a public Google Calendar. That means that if you already use Google for other calendars, you can add our calendar to those you are already using. If you use other calendar software or use your calendar on mobile devices, you may also be able to sync our calendar to yours.


One of the roles of the Council is fostering dialog with the Kachemak Bay communities on issues of concern that affect the Reserve. We welcome comments to postings on the home page of this site. As you comment, please bear in mind that we require comments to be polite and on topic. Those that do not meet these simple guidelines will be deleted without notice.

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This site is a cooperative effort of the Council with volunteer assistance from S2Lewis Technical. No federal or state agencies or personnel should be blamed for any of the content of this site; it is an independent production of the Council.

All content, images and text, unless otherwise specifically noted, are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

The Council thanks for providing free hosting for this site. Any advertising that might appear appended to the pages of the site is provided by WordPress and not under the control of nor necessarily endorsed by the Council, UAA, nor NOAA .


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