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Homer Tribune article: Research Reserve funding restored

March 26, 2014

Research Reserve funding restored

• Senate finance subcommittee puts Kachemak Bay Research Reserve funds back in operating budget

By Hannah Heimbuch
Homer Tribune


The Kachemak Bay Research Reserve is looking at a brighter future for now, after a move by the Senate Finance Fish and Game Subcommittee reinstated the $175,000 in state funds back its annual budget.

Reserve leaders and supporters are hoping this appropriation will keep the research organization operational long enough to find another funding partner.

While the operating budget allowance makes up just 10 percent of the Reserve budget, it’s the state match required to secure a much larger chunk of funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The loss of the state funding, without a different department to replace it, could mean loss of the Reserve’s remaining funding, and potentially repayment to NOAA for their investments in Reserve property and facilities at the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center.

This is a domino effect they’re hoping to avoid, said Reserve Community Council Chair George Matz.

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